McArthur Squash Center

Matches being played at McArthur Squash Center are shown with “MSC” preceding the court number.

Boar’s Head Sports Club are proud to announce a major expansion to McArthur Squash Centre that will add five additional courts (for a total of 14) in time for WM2018!

McArthur Squash Center at Boar’s Head Sports Club at a glance:

Twelve ASB System 100 International Singles Courts
One ASB Four-Wall-Glass Feature Court
One ASB Three-Wall-Glass Feature Court
Two ASB Hardball Doubles Courts
LEED Certified Structure
Total capacity for 1,500 spectators
Stadium seating with capacity for 500 spectators
Integrated A/V system with HD broadcasting capacity
Six courts with on-demand video playback
Tournament management system designed in partnership with US Squash
Network of 16 hi def court-side monitors
Dedicated UVa team locker rooms
Member and visiting team locker rooms
Coach’s office & Team Room
Team meeting/conference room

Every now and then you walk into a place and just go ‘Whoa this is cool!’ Honestly McArthur Squash Center at Boar’s Head Sports Club goes way beyond that. At MSC a lot of thought went into the design before the first wheelbarrow of concrete was poured. The venue is divided into 3 pods, with four glass courts near the entrance, the all-glass show court in the middle, and another set of four courts, as well as two doubles courts, positioned at the end of the building. The mezzanines and varying floor levels are wonderful. Natural light from high windows could have been a problem for the center court but a massive black curtain can be drawn around three sides of the court too. To add polish, the columns are wrapped in wood giving the place a warmth that just doesn’t exist in new places. A new gold standard for squash has been set at McArthur Squash Center at Boar’s Head Sports Club

– Jay Prince, Editor, US Squash Magazine