Men’s Draws

The draws for each division are now available – please click on the appropriate link below. Please check in with your draw every couple of days. In the event of a withdrawal to a seeded player, the draw must be reconfigured and this often requires a change to opponent, match time, and/or court number. We guarantee that no match will be brought forward by a full day, however a change of time to earlier on the same day may very occasionally be required.

We are using two venue’s for the tournament. If your match is at McArthur Squash Center the court number will be preceded by “MSC”. If your match is at the St. Anne’s Belfield facility the court number will be preceded by “ST”.

“MSCG1” is the four wall glass white ball show court. “MSCG2” is the three wall glass black ball show court.

Please note that as per WSF policy seeding is based on a randomized methodology within seeding groups. Seeds 1 & 2 are placed in their usual set positions, then seeds 3-4 are randomized, as are 5-8, 13-16, and 17-32. There are no seeds in any division beyond the first 32.  Seeding is not done by the tournament organizers, it is by the WSF seeding panel chaired by Richard Millman and appeals are not possible.

Men’s 35

Men’s 40

Men’s 45

Men’s 50

Men’s 55

Men’s 60

Men’s 65

Men’s 70

Men’s 75

Men’s 80+