Rules and Scoring


Division I (countries with 10+ entrants in the event): The top-25 scoring players from each country will contribute to their nation’s points total. In order to be eligible as a “scoring player” a player must have played in and won at least one match in the tournament. Furthermore, they must have reached a scoring level in the event as described in the points table below.

Division II (countries with 9 or fewer entrants in the event): All players will contribute to their nation’s points total provided they have won at least one match in the tournament and they earn a finishing position as described in the points table below.

Points Table

Points for finishing positions will be allotted as follows:


Finishing Position Points Allotted
Gold Medal Winner 20 Points
Silver Medal Winner 18 Points
Bronze Medal Winner 16 Points
4th Place Finish 14 Points
5th-8th Place Finish 12 Points
9th-16th Place Finish 10 Points
17th Place Finish   8 Points
25th Place Finish 6 Points
33rd Place Finish 4 Points
65th Place Finish 2 Points
97th Place Finish 1 Points

Points for the round of 16 will only apply to events with 32 or more entries.

Players must win one match to become a ‘counter’ in their team. Byes do not count as wins. Walk overs, withdraws, and retires do.

A player may not gain points from both the main draw and consolation events. In the event that a player earns points in both draws, the higher point total will count.

The Nation with the highest total tally of points will be declared winner of its respective draw.

A wall chart showing the round-by-round points earned by each country will be displayed at the main playing venues and on the tournament website.

In the Event of a Tie

In the event that two nations are tied, points will be awarded from the round of 32. Winners from the round of 32 will score 9 points. This will only occur in the event of a tie. Points will only be awarded if a player has won a match.

If no round of 32 players have won matches, Classic Plate Finalists will be scored at 7 points, Plate Finalists at 5 points and Consolation Plate Finalists at 3 points.