St. Anne’s Belfield

With the addition of 5 brand new courts at McArthur Squash Center, we will have use of 14 singles courts at our primary venue. However if we hit the entry target of 800 participants, then we will still need the use of additional courts.

St. Anne’s Belfield School is a local prep school just 2.3 miles from Boar’s Head and will act as our secondary venue for the event. The school has two local campuses, and it’s important to note that the 5 ASB squash courts are located at the Greenway Rise Campus. For directions and a map please follow this link.

Our provisional schedule has matches taking place at St. Anne’s for the first 5 days of the competition – and then all matches will move to McArthur on semi-finals day (Friday August 3).  Please note that the St. Anne’s facility will only open for practice on Saturday July 28, it will not be available prior to this date. Check back on this page at a later date for precise court opening and closing times each day.

There is plenty of parking adjacent to the squash building, and of course our UTS transportation loop will include a pick-up and drop-off to the St. Anne’s facility.  St. Anne’s will have light refreshments available for purchase in the form of Gatorade, energy bars, banana’s etc. One of our tournament sponsor’s Ivy Provisions is just a 2-3 minute walk away, and they will be offering tournament discounts and daily specials to satisfy the breakfast and lunch cravings of anyone playing their match over at St. Anne’s.

Please note that shower and changing facilities at the St.Anne’s venue are extremely limited, and as  result we recommend that players shower back at their hotel, or alternatively at McArthur Squash Center.