St. Anne’s Shuttle

St. Anne’s Belfield School will operate a school shuttle bus that will go backward and forward between the two squash facilities; St. Anne’s Belfield School and McArthur Squash Center.

This service runs at all the times listed below on July 31, August 1 & August 2
This shuttle runs at the times listed in BOLD only on July 29, 30 & August 3.
This service does not operate on July 27-28, or August 4.

You must have signed up and paid for the Transportation Service to use this bus – and must show your bus id badge to the driver upon boarding.

Depart ST Arrive MSC Depart MSC Arrive ST
8.05AM 8.20AM
8.30AM 8.45AM 8.50AM 9.05AM
9.15AM 9.30AM 9.35AM 9.50AM
10.00AM 10.15AM 10.20AM 10.35AM
10.45AM 11.00AM 11.05AM 11.20AM
11.30AM 11.45AM 11.50AM 12.05PM
12.15PM 12.30PM 12.35PM 12.50PM
1.00PM 1.15PM 1.20PM 1.35PM
1.45PM 2.00PM 2.05PM 2.20PM
2.30PM 2.45PM 2.50PM 3.05PM
3.15PM 3.30PM 3.35PM 3.50PM
4.00PM 4.15PM 4.20PM 4.35PM
4.45PM 5.00PM 5.05PM 5.20PM
5.30PM 5.45PM 5.50PM 6.05PM
6.15PM 6.30PM 6.35PM 6.50PM
7.00PM 7.15PM 7.20PM 7.35PM
7.45PM 8.00PM 8.05PM 8.20PM
8.30PM 8.45PM 8.50PM 9.05PM
9.15PM 9.30PM