Washington D.C.

Charlottesville is located just 100 miles south of Dulles Airport, Washington, DC’s major international hub. For many competitors, participating in WM2018 will offer a great opportunity to visit the United States capital and enjoy all that it has to offer. From interactive tours of the US government, to artistic treasures housed in the National Gallery and Smithsonian Museum, and exquisite performances at the Kennedy Center, not to mention the Air and Space Museum, Botanical Gardens, and all the monuments of the National Mall—DC is ideal for families, couples, and solo travelers. 

The beautiful town of Alexandria, Virginia would be a great base for anyone coming to see DC and we have a competitive room rate locked in with The Westin Alexandria for all competitors for the nights of July 24 thru July 28. To book at the discounted room rate make sure you use THIS BOOKING LINK rather than the one on the hotel’s general website. Please note that only a limited number of rooms are being held at this rate.

As a competitor in the Masters event, you will have morning access to the nine ASB squash courts at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia from July 25-28. The Westin Hotel and Episcopal High School are only 3.1 miles apart. So fly to Dulles a few days early, enjoy the Westin and all that DC has to offer while preparing for the event with a practice each day at Episcopal High School.

When ready to move on, getting from Alexandria to Charlottesville is easy with the train via the Amtrak 19 Crescent or 94 Northeast regional service with a journey time of between one and two hours (depending on which train). If booked well in advance the fair is as little as $27 per person and it’s a pretty train ride through the Virginia countryside.

The courts will be made available for all WM2018 competitors as follows:

Date Day Cts Open Cts Close
25-Jul Wednesday 9.30am 12.30pm
26-Jul Thursday 9.30am 12.30pm
27-Jul Friday 9.30am 12.30pm
28-Jul Saturday 9.30am 12.30pm

There is no need to book or sign-up in advance, and there is no charge for court usage. If the courts are very busy and people are waiting, then we ask everyone to limit themselves to one hour on court per day. The entrance to the squash facility will be supervised during the periods above and competitors will need to show valid picture i.d. to be able to enter. All those practicing will need to sign a waiver which will be available at the facility. For a map and directions click hereEpiscopal High School squash coach Frank Philips will be manning the courts and there to help you with anything you might need.

Please note that World Maters participants should use the entrance 3900 W. Braddock Road and then look for the pond as a sign that you are near the Goodwin Squash Center.  There is parking near the courts or a public bus line that runs up and down King Street.