The World Masters Squash Championships event consists of 10 men’s age divisions and 9 women’s age divisions. The men’s divisions are 35-39 yrs, 40-44yrs, 45-49 yrs, 50-54 yrs, 55-59 yrs, 60-64yrs, 65-69 yrs, 70-74 yrs, 75-79 yrs, and 80+ yrs. Women’s divisions are the same, but without an 80+ tournament. Women’s divisions are guaranteed not to start until July 31 at the earliest. To enter a division, you must meet the minimum age requirement for that division on the first day of the competition. All of the rules and regulations governing entry can be read here.

To see a live and up to date entry list for each division click here and to see a list of the players that have entered click here.

The world masters squash championships is a world championship’s and as a result some of the world’s very best age group players compete, and there are no B divisions. However, it’s not just a tournament for the experts. All players are guaranteed three matches*, and the majority will get four or more. With plates, consolation rounds, and play-off matches, all competitors will end up with a match or two against someone of their own playing level, and amateur club players make up the majority of the total entry.

*player withdrawals count as matches played