Nations Cup

The Nations Cup Division I and II trophies.

The Nations Cup is an informal team element of the WSF World Masters Championship. Click here to view the Live Team Leaderboard!

The Nations Cup will consist of two divisions

1. Division I: For teams entering 10 or more players in the World Masters Championships.

2. Division II” For teams entering 9 or fewer players in the World Masters Championships.

The aim of the competition is to generate team spirit among each countries’ players. The tournament committee also hopes that the Nations Cup will provide all players, not just the medal winners, opportunity to play a part for their country. Any player who reaches the round of the last 16 or better, or who wins a plate competition, will be eligible to earn points for his or her team. This is a much broader-based measure than a simple medals table.

The WSF Masters Commission intends that this competition will become an essential element of all World Masters Competitions.

Further, the WSF Masters Commission hopes that all countries will encourage as many of their players as possible to enter and thereby increase their national team’s chances of success in the Nations Cup.

The trophies, which were generously presented by the organizing committee of the 2016 World Masters in Johannesburg, are perpetual trophies and will record the name of the winning country at each World Masters Championships. The trophy will be presented at the Closing Ceremony Event.