On arrival in Charlottesville all participants should visit the boardroom at Boar’s Head Pavilion to complete the tournament registration process.

Registration is July 27 to July 30, from 11.00am to 5.00pm each day. During this process our registration staff, Liz, Andrea, Chloe, Valerie, Diane and Sue will do all of the following:

  1. A passport check to make sure you are entered in the right division based on the date of birth showing on your passport page. In the event of this being in dispute then WSF Technical delegate Julian Harniess will make the necessary ruling.
  2. Give you your tournament “welcome bag” that includes your tournament t-shirt and $20 Shops at Stonefield gift card.
  3. Issue your tournament ID badge/lanyard. The lanyard clearly identifies if you have signed up to use our bus service or not and will need to be shwon when you board the bus.
  4. Confirm the date, time and court number of your first match.
  5. Confirm the function tickets that you have signed up for (though these will only be collected at the event itself).
  6. Double check if you are booked on a  return shuttle to Dulles or Richmond and if so on what day & time.
  7. Collect any outstanding (cash only) payments that are necessary. This is only relevant for those that signed up for transport or tickets after our on-line store closed on July 2.
  8. Collect a whattsapp / cell phone number that we might eb able to reach you on in the event of an emergency
  9. Walk you through the use of clublocker from US Squash. This website is easy to navigate and is by far the best way of making sure you know when and where your next match is.
  10. Cover some tournament essentials and answer any initial questions that you might need answered.

If you have a guest with you for the event and they are signed up for the EVENT TRANSPORTATION then make sure you collect their id badge and lanyard as part of your registration process.

For those that arrive too late to go through registration process  at the Pavilion then  you can do this at the Tournament Operations Desk at McArthur Squash CenterThe passport verification must be done prior to you taking the court though, so if you are only registering the day of your first match then we recommend getting to the venue at least two hours ahead of your first match time.

Registration is in the boardroom at Boar’s Head Pavilion